Moon Power
Moon Power
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This page has now been updated for 2011

The Moon's affect on us astrologically is constant and ever-changing, it's influence and impact warrants our attention on a daily basis as the Moon progresses through the wheel of the Zodiac with great speed.

The Moon spends about 3 days in each sign, constantly moving - 3 days in Aries, 3 days in Taurus, 3 days in Gemini, Cancer, etc., and a lot of people I talk to say "well, I'm a Leo so the Moon only affects me 3 days out of the month".  But you are all the signs of the Zodiac not just one.  For example, if you are a Leo...well...that's just your 1st House and you have 12 Houses...or, 12 Departments of life in your chart representing the Soul's Purpose, Finances, The Mind & Communication, Home & get the picture.  So as the Moon makes her way around the Zodiac it's influencing these 12 different Departments of life.

The Negative/Positive Moon

The Moon has 2, 14 day cycles and one is Positive and one is Negative.  A Full Moon represents the beginning of the Negative cycle and in the 14 days following that Full Moon she gets smaller and smaller - less visible - until she achieves what's called the New Moon which starts a Positive cycle.  The Moon then grows bigger and bigger to eventually become full again.  So if you're a Leo and the Moon is in Virgo, you really need to know that Virgo rules your 2nd House of Finances and Income.  It also helps to know that Virgo represents your Work and Health.  So for the next 3 days at least in a Negative Moon cycle you'll want to be careful about what you say at work and in general try not to be too fussy, picky, and critical.  You also should take extra care for your health during that time.  Not a bad thing to know, right?

When the Moon is Waxing in a Positive phase that's a green light.  The green light to "GO" - buy that house, that new car, sign your contracts, start new projects, buy new appliances and get my point.  Also look for opportunities to increase your income at work or in your business.  Go ahead and launch your marketing campaigns and advertise your business, initiate high profile projects at work that will gain you recognition - things of that nature.  Because, every time you sign a contract or launch a campaign, take on partners, or make a big purchase, you're giving birth to a new relationship.  And relationships created under a Negative Moon can carry the tainted Negative energy of that Moon.  Obviously then, relationships born under a Positive Moon will inherently take on Positive characteristics and be Lucky and fruitful for you.

Other important matters to consider doing during the Positive Moon cycle are making travel arrangements like buying airline tickets, vacation plans, getting married, closing on the purchase of a house...all of these are major events in your life.  If you begin to be Conscious of when you plan these important events, when you initiate them, when you finalize them, when you make them "binding", you're beginning to live life in Cosmic Consciousness.  You become more Conscious of Universal Codes - Universal Law; it's simple.  You literally make your life easier and more fluid immediately by simply executing your actions at times when your intent can be more accurately conveyed to the Universe.

The Planets dictate these influences and these energies so naturally when you begin to take advantage of knowing these Positive Windows of Opportunity you're living your life in sync with the Planets instead of living out of sync.  All of a sudden the phrase "Knowledge is Power" comes to mind.  And this Power is a Self-Empowerment...the power to be able to exert your Will in sync with the Will of the Planets (the Stars), and Who created the Stars?  Just a question for you to ponder.  There's actually a passage in the Bible (Genesis 1:14) that says "And God said let there be lights in the firmament of the Heaven's, and let them be used for signs and for seasons, and for days, and years...".  Let them be used for signs and for seasons, meaning that God intended us to "use" the Stars (planets) for signs and seasons; "seasons" typically being interpreted as meaning Seasons of Life and "signs" being interpreted as Road Signs on your Path or Journey of Life.  Start giving a little attention to the Moon's Power and see how it makes a difference in your life.

New Moon and Full Moon schedule for rest of the year.  NM = New Moon  FM = Full Moon

Jan 04  NM  in Capricorn          Jan 19  FM  in Cancer
Feb 03  NM  in Aquarius           Feb 18  FM  in Leo
Mar 04  NM  in Pisces               Mar 19  FM  in Virgo
Apr 03  NM  in Aries                Apr 18  FM  in Libra
May 03  NM  in Taurus             May 17  FM  in Scorpio
Jun 01  NM  in Gemini             Jun  15  FM  in Sagittarius
Jul 01  NM  in Cancer               Jul  15  FM  in Capricorn
Jul 30  NM  in Cancer              Aug  13  FM  in Aquarius
Aug 29  NM  in Virgo              Sep  12  FM  in Pisces
Sep 27  NM  in Virgo               Oct  12  FM  in Aries
Oct  26  NM  in Libra               Nov  10 FM  in Taurus
Nov 25  NM  in Scorpio            Dec 10 FM  in Gemini
Dec 24 NM in Sagittarius

The Moon makes a 360 degree trip around the Zodiac every month
Moon's Movement by Sign and Day
...Click Here for Daily Moon chart

Themes of the Signs

Aries - Soul's Purpose/Journey/Path    "I Am"
Taurus - Finances/Income/Money/Possessions    "I Have"  or "I Value"
Gemini - The Mind/Communication    "I Think"
Cancer - Home/Family/Food/Emotions    "I Feel"
Leo - Love/Romance/Children/Creation/Speculation    "I Create"
Virgo - Work/Service/Health    "I Analyze"
Libra - Marriage/Partnerships/Contracts/Relationships    "I Balance" and "We Are"
Scorpio - Metaphysics/Joint Resources/Corporate Endeavors    "I Desire" and "We Possess"
Sagittarius - Education/Travel/Higher Self    "I See" and "We Know"
Capricorn - Career/Fear/Loss/Gain    "I Use" (positive) or "I Abuse" (negative)
Aquarius - Friends/Wishes    "I Know"
Pisces - Subconscious/Dreams    "I Believe"

The Negative Moon

Just as the positive Moon has the power to create or facilitate windows of opportunity and support, the negative Moon tends to facilitate and create disaster, accidents, failure in your endeavors, failure in mechanical systems, financial systems, corporate endeavors, health & medicine, emotional difficulties, communication - you get my meaning - destructive weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes.

Another very important influence is a full Moon's influence on the human psyche & emotions.  This is where the term "lunatic" is interesting - "luna" being latin for Moon - "lunatic" meaning (in english) someone who is crazed, crazy, or psychotic.  Someone who has lost control of themselves, lost their mind, their ability to reason.  This is the window where serial killers come out, where pedifiles become most active, people prone to depression experience amplified low frequency influences making them severely depressed or suicidal.  Violent behavior is exhilerated, unreasonable outbursts of emotions are amplified...all because of Moon Power, Moon impact.

Watch and guard your children, be extra careful driving & traveling hold on to your money, beware that there is this increase in cases of psychosis, psycho-activity, heightened levels of neurosis & potential neurosis.

Take, for instance, a case example of an individual who's natal chart shows a tendency to be a rapist or serial killer - someone with an afflicted Pluto in the 8th house with the Dragon's Tail in Scorpio.  These people already have a tendency to be violent, dramatic, psychotic - they are afraid of the light & the Sun (the power to expose them) & prefer the cloak of darkness. Imagine the impact for them of a full Moon in the sign of Scorpio.  They live their lives in a constant state of neurosis and along comes a full Moon in Scorpio to excite their mental state into a state of full-fledged psychosis.  You may find yourself a victim of this person if they are able to lure you by deception into their trap, their world of secrecy.  On a night such as this everyone is a potential victim - your loved one's, your children & your friends.  Is it then an invaluable tool that gives you knowledge that a full Moon will be in the sign of Scorpio?  Of course it is.  Is that a good night to be extra cautious if you have an evening of "bar-hopping" planned with your friends?  Of course.  This is an extreme case, yes, but a very real scenario I assure you.  Knowledge is power.  You can see now that the Moon is more than just a dead rock in the sky hanging above our heads.  More than just a fascination of beauty when she is visible to us.  Her power is a constant factor in our daily lives.

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